The New Orleans Saints are developing a sixth sense

NEW ORLEANS, LA - OCTOBER 29: Marshon Lattimore
NEW ORLEANS, LA - OCTOBER 29: Marshon Lattimore /

The New Orleans Saints beat the Chicago Bears 20-12 on Sunday. At the same time, this team is seemingly getting more instinctual every single game.

The definition of the sixth sense by is: “The power of perception beyond the five senses; intuition.”

The Saints are no doubt playing better. Equally important, the Black and Gold is evolving as a team naturally. In other words, the comfort level and maturity is being unveiled on both sides of the ball.

At times, the Bears/Saints game wasn’t exactly pretty. The Saints had to close out a tough opponent in the end. The Chicago Bears came to play on Sunday and came up just short. On the other hand, the Saints stand at 5-2 with a five game winning streak.

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Nevertheless, the Saints withstood a flurry of big plays and turnovers that almost put this win in the loss column. “Defense is playing with a lot of confidence. On offense, we can possess the ball and go and get points on a drive to put the game away. When you have both sides feeling like that and believing like that it’s good” Saints QB Drew Brees said.

The trust this team is feeling, is undoubtely creating a sense of calm when things aren’t going their way. In recent years, the Saints have not been able to close out games. Moreover, the combination of knowing and assurance is breeding wins especially in the 4th Quarter.

It’s one thing for a team to say it, and it’s another step to prove action behind those words. The Saints are making all the plays at the right time so far this season. Also, there’s the genuine belief that teammates are reacting together as a unit at critical junctions at the game. The bigger the stakes, the more dialed in the Saints are.