Amid rumors of trade talks, why Jimmy Graham should return to Saints


It’s only one source with the rumor, but is there a chance Jimmy Graham might actually end up back in Black and Gold? Should the Saints want him back?

SportsTalk360 reports that the Seattle Seahawks might be ready to give up on the once star tight end Jimmy Graham and that the New Orleans Saints might have interest. With a 4-2 record and a solo , if precarious, standing as first in the NFC South, this might be just the addition Drew Brees needs to reestablish his pass dominant offense.

I’ll be honest:  I wanted Jimmy out of New Orleans in 2015.  His head was literally in the clouds, missing passes, failures to reach the end zone, shoulder tenderness. And twice during the 2014 season, as Brees’ passes caught him off guard, Jimmy shot the death stare. It wasn’t, the camera captured him saying, his fault.  His time in the Big Easy, for this fan, was well over.

Maybe it was that plane he was flying.

He loved flying more that blocking?

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Maybe it was sour feelings after unproductive contract negotiations.  Or that there were just too many stars.  Marcus Colston was still lighting up the scoreboard.  Whatever it was, Jimmy’s star was falling in New Orleans.  And it never really took flight again in Seattle.

So why hope he comes home to New Orleans?  A tweet.  After Cameron Jordan dunked the ball in that glorious, emotionally charged, defensive touchdown, the D’s coming out party, Jimmy tweeted to Jordan, poking fun at him, celebrating him.  That was the moment I hoped that Jimmy missed the Big Easy.

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Maybe, just maybe, Jimmy’s ready to come back to NOLA, to honor his former team by contributing.  Maybe, just maybe, he’ll find the old mojo, and join a team that, once again has many stars.  Imagine what the end of this season could be if the old Jimmy Graham returns?

We could really soar.