The Who Dat Dish Podcast – Episode 18 summary


A podcast that came better late than never gets you caught up on all things Saints. We break down last week’s Who Dat Dish Podcast.

As you’re reading this, the Saints are 4-2 and sitting atop the NFC South. However, this season is filled with impressive game after impressive game, including the matchup from two weeks ago against Detroit. We covered it for the Who Dat Dish Podcast.

Spirits were positive then, and are even more so today. This is an absolute turnaround from weeks 1 and 2, as everything felt so low. As if the season was already in the trash.

2017 has resurrected itself for the Saints, and we love talking about it. Two days ago, the 18th episode of The Who Dat Dish Podcast was released. A little later than usual, the podcast, hosted by myself and fellow contributor, Tyler Raymond, dissected week 6’s impressive victory.

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Game balls were given out, analysis was presented, and stats were read off as we gloated in the sun after the 52-38 game. You can listen to the podcast right here:–episode-18–reviewing-detroit-previewing-green-bay. Be sure to subscribe to the channel on Blog Talk Radio, and follow our Twitter account: @TheWDDPodcast.

We wrapped the episode up with previewing the game that occurred yesterday. Game predictions from ourselves and other colleagues closed out the Lion talk. Listen back and see how accurate our analysis was to what the actual outcomes were!

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