Who Dat Dish Podcast Episode 16 Review – Saints finally at .500


Like chocolate cake, there’s nothing sweeter than a New Orleans Saints win!

Who Dat Dish Podcast Co-Hosts Dayton Brown and Tyler Raymond focused Monday night’s podcast on analyzing the New Orleans Saints Week 4 win against the Miami Dolphins.

They also analyzed what the rest of the NFC South is doing. And how the Saints should prepare against the NFL’s top teams. Here is the weekly rundown of how the podcast went Monday night. 

Let’s start off first as always where you can find the podcast link. Click here to be brought to the 16th episode of the Who Dat Dish Podcast. 

The show

After introductions Tyler and Dayton went over the “Articles of the Week” segment. “Articles of the Week” is a weekly segment giving credit to our podcast hosts who contribute to FanSided’s WhoDatDish.com. Shoutouts are also given to other writers as well!  Here are the articles that were mentioned in Episode 16.

Confidence resides in New Orleans once again by: Dayton Brown

(Tyler’s article isn’t out yet, but look out for something amazing soon!)

Saints take care of business, beat Dolphins 20-0 in London by: EJ Terry

Fixable Issues in Saints 20-0 win over Dolphins by: Tony Twillie

More from Who Dat Dish

Topic #1: After “Articles of the Week”, Dayton and Tyler discussed what went down in London, when the Dolphins were shut out overseas! The New Orleans Saints played complimentary football, producing pressure and turnovers on the defensive side. The offense put up just enough points when given their time with the ball. Dayton, and Tyler mentioned their favorite, and least favorite players during the game. Important statistics regarding both teams and who made the biggest impacts for the Saints were also discussed. The two also talked about what needs to be perfected for when the New Orleans Saints play the Detroit Lions in Week 6.

Topic #2: The second topic Dayton, and Tyler discussed was how the rest of the NFL, and more importantly the NFC South, is doing beyond the New Orleans Saints. Both hosts discussed who they think will be the biggest threat to the Saints in the NFC South. And who our top five teams in the NFL currently are.

Next: Saints: Exactly what is complimentary football?

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