Who Dat Dish Podcast Episode 14 Summary – Saints / Patriots Review


It isn’t always pretty folks, but your two favorite podcast hosts are here to talk about it.

Who Dat Dish Podcast Co-Hosts Dayton Brown and Tyler Raymond focused Monday night’s podcast on analyzing the New Orleans Saints Week 2 match-up against the New England Patriots. They also analyzed what it will take to get this struggling team back on track and previewing our expectations for the Saints / Panthers game. Here is the weekly rundown of how the podcast went Monday night. 

Let’s start off first as always where you can find the podcast link. Click here to be taken directly to the amazing 14th episode of the Who Dat Dish Podcast. 

The show

After introductions Tyler and Dayton went over the “Articles of the Week” segment. “Articles of the Week” is a weekly segment giving credit to our podcast hosts who contribute to FanSided’s WhoDatDish.com. Shoutouts are also given to other fabulous writers as well!  Here are the articles that were mentioned in Episode 14.

Saints’ defensive struggles have one common denominator by: Dayton Brown

Adam has climbed a lot of big hills – Interview with LB Adam Bighill by: Tyler Raymond

Who Dat Dish talks with sister site Chowder & Champions about Saints/Patriots by: Roy Anderson

The Who Dat Dish Podcast would also like to give some kudos to Editor Roy Anderson, and writers Dean Mullen, and Tony Twillie. With their consistent contributions to the Who Dat Dish website last week. You guys rock!

Topic #1: After “Articles of the Week”, Dayton and Tyler discussed what went down in the Superdome when the Patriots came to play the New Orleans Saints last Sunday. The two mentioned our favorite, and least favorite players during the game, important statistics regarding both teams. Also, who made the biggest impacts for the team, and what needs to be addressed heading into next week.

Topic #2: The second but most important topic covered during the night was what happens if the New Orleans Saints continue to flat out stink. The two hosts discuss their predictions as far as the changes that could be coming for the team if the Saints don’t change their ways, and what would be the easiest solution as of right now to fix the looming issues regarding the team.

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