A Saints poem for optimistic fans


Well, the first two weeks of the season have been nothing if not polarizing. The abysmal start has some in the national media questioning how much longer the Payton and Brees era will last. So, a Saints poem. An optimistic one.

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Others have started publicly debating what was once unthinkable: trading Brees. All things considered, it’s no wonder the morale of Saints fans is pretty low at the moment. The path forward doesn’t get any easier, with a tough road challenge at Carolina looming next on the schedule.

Honestly, there’s not much I have to add to this debate. The pitchforks are out for Payton and Loomis and it will only get worse if the team continues to lose. Personally, I fall more on the Drew Brees’ side of the spectrum “annoyingly optimistic.” I still think we can turn it around. The night’s darkest before the dawn and all that. (I see you rolling your eyes.) So, in that spirit of hope, I’ve written a poem with the hopes of cheering a beleaguered WhoDat nation this week.

Untitled Saints Poem

On we search, hearts filling with cold, deep dread
Her abscence, hot sand where once stood Oceans
Without Her we’re doomed, Hell’s maw gaping red
Yet, our leaders just go through the motions

Oh Defense! It is you of whom I speak
Hast thou forsaken our beloved Saints?
Williams, not you, was banished up the Creek
Only your return can save these dear ‘Aints

Brees strives valiantly, with good men to aid
Without you, he can’t outscore Father Time
Some say it’s the end of Payton’s air raid
done in with Loomis by their own draft crimes

Defense! You must hurry, the hour grows late
Re-write this ending for our all-time great

In case that was too artsy, or you thought it sucked, I also included an alternate abbreviated version I thought you might like.

Alternate Saints Poem

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Falcons and Panthers fans
We still have more Super Bowls than you.

Thank you, thank you. Snaps are appreciated.Feel free to write your own poems of retort in the comments. Or just tell me mine sucked, that’s fine too. Onward and upward Who Dat Nation!