7 areas the Saints need to improve for victory

NEW ORLEANS, LA - AUGUST 22: Tom Brady /

The Saints are going to win Sunday if they show progress in these seven areas. No doubt, its asking a lot.

  • The Saints MUST do better than their 2.9 yards per carry against the Vikings. Surely, with all the talk of having a plethora of running backs, none of them performed adequately. Of course, it’s easy to blame the offensive line, but there’s simply no excuse this week.
  • Flipping the field is going to be the key early. The crowd should be amped up and ready to go for the Saints opening game. Getting better field position can come from different ways. Whether it be punt returning or defending well on special teams play, both are gonna be crucial for the Saints to win this game. Those 5-10 extra yards matter in a close game. Morstead can’t do much better than a 53 yard average. That being said, someone needs to make a play in the return game.
  • The Saints are also going to want to get some pressure to Tom Brady. Sacks aren’t as important as knocking Tom Brady down.  Above all, getting hands in his face to disrupt his rhythm will be crucial.
  • Winning the turnover war is also going to be imperative. Ultimately, if the Saints can at least come out even, that may be good enough. Of course, coming out +3 would even be better. Actually, the Saints really could use an interception to breed confidence in their young secondary.
  • The defense has to be on the same page. First and foremost NO broken coverages or missed assignments to allow big plays. This one thing could be the most significant. Giving up a cheap touchdown devastates a defense.
  • Also, watch how the Saints perform on third downs. Last game, the Saints went 4 for 11 for a measly 36%, compared to the Vikings 9 for 14 which equaled 64%. Third down conversions are going to be imperative for the Saints keeping drives going.
  • Last but not least, Red Zone Offense is the reason the Saints got killed last week. Kicker Wil Lutz was a perfect 4-4 last week to give the Saints 12 points. On the hand, those 12 points could have been 24 or 28 with some action in the end zone. The Saints need touchdowns. Obviously, points win games. Each point here broken down is going to help, but the Saints need more points.