Editorial: Step back from the ledge Saints fans


Take a deep breath Saints fans. Inhale and Exhale. It wasn’t pretty, but Week 1 against the Minnesota Vikings is not the end of the world.

If you’re reading this then you’re still alive Saints fans. A loss by the New Orleans Saints can’t kill you. At least we know that none made the news. Regardless, the one loss puts us at 0-1. That’s a fact. As a consequence, the Black and Gold are in last place right this second.

No doubt, there was a lot of poop that needed to be scooped after the Saints loss to Minnesota. In fact, the Saints sucked. There’s no sugar-coating the damage from the hideous performance from top to bottom. Ultimately, the New Orleans Saints looked nauseating. The seven month buildup of a new era sure felt like a bad remake of the movie “Speed.” Instead of “Speed 2”, the game was more like “Scream” or Stephen King’s “It.”

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There were times where Who Dat Nation surely wanted to scream. In addition, the players on the field didn’t resemble anything in the preseason. There’s really nothing else to say except that the clowns on the field weren’t real. That had to be a bad dream.

That game is over. Regrettably, there’s nothing anyone can do to get those three hours back on Monday Night Football. Just let it go! Seriously, the loss was just a bad memory.

And if you’re still on the ledge, then take a look here. In 2016, there were two teams from the NFC who started off 0-1 and made the playoffs. Atlanta and Dallas both dropped their season opener in 2016.  Both teams opened up at home against division foes. Atlanta lost to Tampa Bay and the Cowboys lost to New York.

The fact is, there’s no time to sulk. Playing Monday gives the New Orleans Saints a short week too. Incidentally, today is Thursday with an angry New England team awaiting for Week 2.

Strangely enough, the short week could be the best possible scenario after the horrifying display just a few days ago. Ultimately, the Black and Gold needs a win on this Sunday. Ideally, the Black and Gold would’ve loved to come in 1-0 with momentum. However, reality bites! This is not Fantasy Football. This is Week 2 in the NFL season, where every game counts the same. The Saints better be ready.