Rookie Running Back Trey Edmunds Is A True Long-Shot

NEW ORLEANS, LA - AUGUST 31: Trey Edmunds
NEW ORLEANS, LA - AUGUST 31: Trey Edmunds /

Remember the name Trey Edmunds as the only undrafted rookie free-agent to make this year’s version of The New Orleans Saints. Edmunds is the true definition of a NFL long-shot to make the team at a position that many believed was already set!

Trey Edmunds is a former Virginia Tech & Maryland player. At 6’1″ and 223-pounds, his combined college numbers are 260 carries 1115 yards 14 rushing TDS in 32 games during a 4 year career.

Those numbers are hardly ground breaking stats. But through sheer determination and hard work, Edmunds was able to make the final 53 man roster of the New Orleans Saints.

Darius Victor rushed 35 times for 126 yards and 1 TD in preseason. Edmunds only had 15 carries for 45 yrds and was completely outperformed by Darius Victor in preseason action.

It was very surprising that Darius Victor wasn’t signed to the practice squad. It was doubly surprising that Edmunds beat out Victor for a spot at all, especially on the active roster.

It’s clear that Coach Payton sees a role for this powerful north-south runner maybe besides just depth, to hold 5 backs on the roster.

Earlier this week, Sean Payton spoke about Trey Edmunds during a press conference with the local media:

"He was exceptional in the kicking game. When you get someone like that, that can cover, tackle and we saw it some in college. It was something that we were hopeful that it transitioned into our league. But it really came down to the special teams and his ability to be up and active. You know you’re going to receive 18, 20 snaps from this guy in all phases. He’s strong. He also is someone who did a good job running the football. But first and foremost , how he’s played in special teams."

We’ll have to sit back and wait for the results during the season. But make no mistake about it Trey Edmunds is the true definition of a long-shot.