New Orleans Saints should stay far away from Joe Haden


When the news broke early Wednesday morning that Joe Haden was cut by the Browns, the NFL world went into a frenzy. Almost immediately, Saints fans were clamoring on Twitter for the team to pursue him.

The two time pro bowl cornerback was due $11 million this season and, when refusing to take a pay cut, was released. That spurred rumors from all sorts of NFL experts that the Saints were the early leaders in the field to get Haden.

Nothing against Haden, but that would be a bad decision for the Saints. Look at the past few big names the team has signed. You’ll notice one thing similar in each those situations — failure.

Be it Jairus Byrd, Brandon Browner, or currently Coby Fleener, a majority of the big name signings just haven’t panned out in the Big Easy.

Saints defense trending up

The defense also already looks drastically improved over recent seasons. They have 16 sacks and 3 fumble recoveries in just 3 games this preseason. Even the secondary, for the most part, has look dramatically improved.

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Adding Joe Haden a few years back would have been a great addition. He is just a few years removed from being a top five cornerback in the league. But injuries have hampered his play the past couple of seasons. Is adding another injury prone cornerback really the answer for the Saints?

At this point in time, New Orleans should just stick with what they have in the secondary. With what fans have seen thus far from the defense, why not stick with the knowns?

Joe Haden is a talented player, and may be able to slide right in and excel for The Who Dats. But with the question of his health and weekly availability, the team would be best advised to stand pat and move forward with the talent they have in the building. There’s finally potential for good things to happen for the Black and Gold defense. The Saints brass do not need to mess it up by making another splash signing and seeing it fail.