Diminutive Adam Bighill impresses in limited snaps for Saints

CALGARY, AB - AUGUST 1: Jock Sanders
CALGARY, AB - AUGUST 1: Jock Sanders /

After having only 15 snaps against the Browns in week 1, Saints linebacker Adam Bighill saw the field for 17 snaps against the Chargers on Sunday.

But it’s what he did with those snaps that has piqued the interest of Saints fans everywhere.

He made his presence felt on Sunday in spite of his low snap count, posting 3 tackles and an interception to tie a bow on the Saints’ win.

Bighill’s ears must have been burning as the commentators highlighted him for a series toward the end of the third quarter. He turned it on as soon as he had their attention.

On first down from the Chargers’ 19 yard line, Bighill delivered a violent strike to advancing Chargers LG Brett Boyko. He then dropped the hammer on running back Andre Williams.

It would have been a real highlight play if it weren’t called back for an offensive hold by Dan Feeney.

Bighill immediately backed it up though. On the very next play he was able to shed a block from Chargers RG Donavon Clark and make a solid tackle on Williams again after a short gain.

On second down Bighill almost had himself a QB hit, but was too late into the offensive backfield.

The Chargers series ended in a 3-and-out when Bighill forced rookie Chargers RB Austin Ekeler out of bounds after a short reception.

Bighill’s interception came on 4th and 34 in garbage time. As Jon Stinchcomb in the commentary booth remarked, an incomplete would’ve been a better outcome in a real-game situation.

But it was amazing to see the 5’10” linebacker go up and get the ball between a 6-foot corner in Damian Swann and the 6’3″ WR Geremy Davis of the Chargers.

On a day when splash plays were the emphasis, it was good to see Bighill get his. I for one threw out a few, proud fist-pumps when I saw who it was that came up with the ball.

Bighill is an easy guy to root for. He might see it as an insult when we call him an underdog. Especially when considering his illustrious CFL career (highlighted by WDD’s own Dayton Brown).

But the reality is that he’s facing an uphill battle for a roster spot. Hopefully he’ll be able to log a few more snaps in the next couple of weeks and make his mark.