Saints’ WR Tommylee Lewis is gonna ‘flip the field’ to snag a roster spot in 2017

NEW ORLEANS, LA - SEPTEMBER 26: Tommylee Lewis
NEW ORLEANS, LA - SEPTEMBER 26: Tommylee Lewis /

There are plenty of doubters still out there for WR Tommylee Lewis. In fact, most of the experts feel that Lewis just isn’t close enough to the NFL protype to make the 53-man roster.

That’s right. Keep it up. There is a consensus that Tommylee is a player who’s great for flashes of brilliance here and there. But the majority of the mainstream media doesn’t believe that he has much of a chance to make the final New Orleans Saints’ 53-man roster.

Ok, perhaps last week was a bit of a Tommylee anomaly of receptions and yards. Presumably, Lewis won’t catch 10 balls for 124 yards against the Los Angeles Chargers.

However, Tommylee Lewis can offer something that no other player can. Tommylee can flip the field. In other words, returning punts and kickoffs can change the field of play. This is an underestimated statistic.

Here is some evidence to back up the claim:

The Oakland Raiders and the New England Patriots were both in the top three in starting field position in 2016. Surely, there are a few reasons for this. But all of it is related to special teams in some way. When your team is starting drives on average past the 30-yard line, then good things tend to happen.

As a rookie

Tommylee Lewis was a rookie in 2016 but still managed to be in the top 14 for returning punts for yards per return. In my opinion, this year he’s gonna have a HUGE breakout season. Now the starting role of punt returner is still in the air. Alvin Kamara and Ted Ginn Jr. are still in the running. That being said, it makes sense for Tommylee Lewis to be granted this all important role. Alvin Kamara is gonna be too important in the running game to take chances with him returning punts. No doubt, he can do it. But it’s too risky in my opinion.

Next, Ted Ginn Jr. was brought in to be the Saints’ third receiver. Lewis is 10 years his junior. Let the young man tote the rock for special teams.

Furthermore, the ceiling has not been reached just yet for being a potential wide receiver in this league. The NFL has proven that little guys can be a dangerous weapon in open spaces.

Regardless, the so-called experts are gonna be 100% wrong on this one. Tommylee Lewis is going to make the 53-man roster. But keep doubting him …