Saints vs. Chargers: All eyes are on QB Garrett Grayson this Sunday


Who Dat Nation, among others, have a reason to keep an eye on Sunday’s game. Garrett Grayson has a chance to prove all the doubters wrong.

Of course, one game is not gonna win him the backup role on the Saints roster, but it could instill much needed confidence. For Garrett Grayson, the time is now for him to start showing his improvements and decision making on the field when it counts.

Questions are still lingering about whether or not Grayson is the right fit for the future, to succeed Drew Brees at some point. Arguably, the biggest challenge for Garrett Grayson may lie between his ears. Ultimately, he has the firepower and talent to play in the NFL. This is not really the issue.

The New Orleans Saints had never picked a quarterback under Sean Payton in an early round until Garrett Grayson was brought in.

The belief is there on the outside. Be that as it may, Garrett Grayson needs to trust himself. He admitted that in previous years, that thoughts were preventing him from just going out there and performing. Now the key for him will be focusing on the present. In other words, just letting the game come to him. No one or no coach can do it for him. Grayson needs to get dialed in and block out the thoughts that have hampered him in the past.

Quarterbacks are obviously smart players and have to spit out information naturally without hesitation or doubt. Grayson has the tools, he’s just got to make sure to use the right ones.

Sunday’s game can’t come soon enough. Above all, this could be the day Grayson becomes the QB the Saints saw three years ago. A fearless tough competitor that caught the Saints’ eye. Now it’s his turn. Regardless of who wins the QB battle to make the roster, Grayson just needs to put the stamp of approval on himself and say “I belong.”