The Who Dat Dish Podcast Episode 9 summary


Fellow Who Dat Dish contributor Matthew McFatridge became the first guest to appear on the podcast two different times, and we talked a lot of Saints football.

CLEVELAND, OH – AUGUST 10: Tight end Josh Hill
CLEVELAND, OH – AUGUST 10: Tight end Josh Hill /

Tyler and I, your hosts of The Who Dat Dish Podcast, had some time to dwell over and digest week 1 of the preseason for New Orleans. Fellow member of WDD, Matthew McFatridge, did as well, and we were fortunate enough to have him on as a guest.

Matthew joins us for the second time in the podcast’s history, and it was one of the best to date. We kicked things off with Articles of the Week, where each of us showcase and discuss one of our own articles and an article from another contributor on

Matthew’s articles: and

Tyler’s articles: and

Dayton’s articles: and

We then dove into breaking down the Saints’ first preseason game. It was a 20-14 loss to the Cleveland Browns, but each of us had more positive feedback than negative, especially for the first group offense.

The episode closed out with us three previewing New Orlean’s week 2 game against the Chargers on Sunday. Matchups to watch (Bosa-Ramczyk, Lattimore-Benjamin) and players who need to step up for the Saints were focused on most.

You can listen to the podcast here.–episode-9-with-fellow-contributor-matthew-mcfatridge

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