Who Dat Nation is hungry for another ‘Black and Gold’ Super Bowl


July is starting to really get hot down here in New Orleans. At the same time, water is just not quenching the thirst for Saints’ fans.

The hunger pains have been growing for nearly eight years now. Incidentally, there is no replacement for the Lombardi Trophy fever. As time goes by, fans can only reminisce about the good ole days.

In any case, the anticipation of this 2017 season comes with plenty of hoopla. Training camp is back in Metairie, which is just a hop and skip from New Orleans. Saints’ fans can taste it. of course, they’ll be watching up close for the first time in four years. The three 7-9 seasons will be forgotten with another run at a Super Bowl in 2017.

For a long time, the New Orleans Saints were the only professional franchise in town. Therefore, the wait over the offseason felt even longer before the city landed an NBA team. Still, football reigns supreme in this city. Life is just not the same without football season, and people around the country may not quite get us.

New Orleans is the only place where the cemeteries are above ground. As a matter of fact, there probably isn’t anywhere else that has drive through daiquiri shops in the suburbs along with the plethora of Catholic churches nearby. And Who Dat Nation loves to eat those little red creatures that crawl in the mud. Presumably, tourists can never quite understand, that we do things a little different around here. But that’s what makes New Orleans special.

If you’re lucky enough to be born here, the fleur-de-lis is stamped on our heart with a permanent birthmark. It’s our symbol of unity here. There is no place like New Orleans and no fan base close to Who Dat Nation. The Black and Gold blood runs deep in our DNA.

A Super Bowl to us is the culmination of many years of suffering. Some would say it was a religious experience. When our team won the Super Bowl all those short comings went away. Our dismal memories instantly turned into endless euphoria. People envied us. And that feeling of hunger is driven by the possibility of having that meal again. All the ingredients came together then.

Now it’s time for a new recipe…