Could the Saints pick QB Josh Allen from Wyoming in 2018?

FORT COLLINS, CO - OCTOBER 1: Quarterback Josh Allen
FORT COLLINS, CO - OCTOBER 1: Quarterback Josh Allen /

Presumably, the focus will swiftly turn to training camp starting next week. But there’s always speculation of who the Saints will give the keys to next, once Drew Brees is ready to move on.

It would be ironic that the Saints go with a Cowboy, to try and take over the Saints’ offense. Who knows when that day will happen. It could be next year or maybe a few years. The Saints ended up not drafting a quarterback in the 2017 NFL Draft. As a consequence, they decided to bring in QB Chase Daniels for one year lease.

In addition, QB Ryan Nassib will also compete with Garrett Grayson for the third quarterback spot. In any case, the thought has to be that 2018 will be the year, the Saints pull the trigger and draft a quarterback. Josh Allen may be the perfect guy to take the helm and learn from Drew Brees.

The Saints were supposedly interested in drafting QB Pat Mahomes from Texas Tech. Of course, the Chiefs decided to make the move and move up to pick him before the Saints. Time will tell if he will be worth the value. Regardless, Josh Allen has some similarities as analyst Jeremiah points out.

"He’s way ahead of Chiefs first-round pick Patrick Mahomes from a development standpoint and I think he has a much higher upside. I think he’s a more athletic version of Joe Flacco."

Those are strong words used by someone that’s coming in as a junior this year. Allen has the frame and arm that’s ready for the NFL. He stands at 6-foot-5 weighing nearly 240 lbs. And he can run. In 2016, he ran for 755 yards on 142 carries. Add that with 3,203 passing yards and 28 touchdowns, and this guy could be something special.

The same thing that makes him special could also be his Achilles Heel. Having all that talent sometimes gives a QB a false sense of security. In other words, his arm is a weapon. And if not used correctly, it gives a sense of invincibility to try and force plays.

The key for Allen will be how he develops. If Allen can work on his touch a bit then he would be unstoppable. Allen could be the only Cowboy that Saints’ fans would love to watch.