The 2017 NFL preseason is extremely important for the New Orleans Saints


So we talking about preseason not the real thing? As a matter of fact, there is reason to believe, that the preseason for the Saints could be very telling when things kickoff on September 11th.

In 2016, both the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons went 3-1 in preseason. 

Was that a coincidence? Perhaps, but there is evidence that does show some predictability in the preseason. Ironically, the two teams that did not win a game in the preseason of 2016 were the New Orleans Saints and the Cleveland Browns. On Thursday Aug.10th, 2017, one of those teams will break that losing streak. The Saints play at Cleveland in FirstEnergy Stadium to try and break their long winless streak of losing preseason games.

By and Large, the Saints have a lot to lose in August. The number one thing is staying healthy. The Saints can ill afford to lose anymore impact players before September. For this reason, some would be all for using the starters even less in 2016. On the other hand, this losing streak needs to come to an end. Who Dat Nation knows that these games are basically a scrimmage or a practice with fans watching.

Yes, we talking about practice Allen. By the way, he’s one of my favorite players but I digress. These are some real percentages from the NFL from 2010-14′.

  • 3 wins or more gives a 35% of making the playoffs
  • 2 wins or more and your chances actually rise to 40%
  • The teams that have either 0 or 1 win make the playoffs JUST 25% of the time.

There are exceptions of course. However, the odds are with you, if the Saints can pull out at least two wins or more. In addition, the Saints have had back to back years of 0-4 marks in the preseason. The streak goes all the way back to 2014. That’s way too long. The preseason is not the sole predictor of success in the regular season. No doubt, that teams can go on and win a Super Bowl like the 1982 Washington Redskins.

Be that as it may, the Saints would do themselves a huge favor and just win a couple of games this year in August. Losing breeds losing. It’s just a bad OMEN if the Saints go 0-4 again.