Would Drew Brees ever leave the New Orleans Saints?


No one wants to ask this question, unless the answer is a resounding NO!

Drew Brees WILL become a Hall of Famer one day. That’s a fact. Presently, Drew Brees ranks third in touchdown passes, passing yards, and pass completions of all time. The two quarterbacks that are ahead of him are Brett Favre and Peyton Manning. Ultimately, Drew Brees could end up being on top of any of those categories, when all is said and done.

In my opinion, Drew Brees still gets left out of the conversation for being one of the best in the league at current. Furthermore, his stats merit the right to be included with the best QB’s to ever play the game.

Be that as it may, there will be a time when Drew Brees either retires or leaves the Black and Gold forever. This is a hard pill to swallow. But the reality is that Drew Brees deserves a chance to win another Super Bowl ring. And the clock is ticking. Brees has done all he can, with the cards he’s been dealt. The numbers have been consistent. The durability has been extraordinary. Yet, the losses keep mounting.

The Saints haven’t been dead awful. As a matter of fact, the 7-9 finishes could’ve been a lot worse. No doubt, without Drew Brees, the Saints would have been much worse. At the same time, Drew Brees is a competitor. At 38 years old, Brees has to know that there are only so many years left to play on a high level in the NFL. Joe Montana knew it. John Elway went out on top. It’s rare for a player to go out on his own terms.

Some of the greatest quarterbacks never get a chance to even go to a Super Bowl. Moreover, others limp out and get traded to various teams before finishing up battered and aged.

Who Dat Nation wants nothing better than a couple of more championships for #9. However, the reality is that time is running out. The Saints could shock everyone and start winning immediately. On the other hand, if the Saints don’t get it together ASAP the rebuilding era could begin in 2018.