The New Orleans Saints start a three day mini camp today in front of Who Dat Nation

Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

Today starts a new era in front of Who Dat Nation. It’s just the start of plenty more to come, as training camp in will be in Metairie for the first time in four years.

The last three years, fans usually have to say goodbye to the Black and Gold for most of the summer. However, this time the Saints have decided to stay put and face the humidity and the fans on Airline Highway. Conspiracy theorists will somehow point to a link to losing and the Greenbrier in West Virginia. That’s a bunch of malarky.

Regardless, there will always be the superstitions out there of why the Saints keep losing. More importantly, the Saints are BACK AT HOME! If the Saints do turn it around, some will say it’s because of the home cooking. That could be true. There’s no place like home. New players especially can get used to living in New Orleans and get connected way before the season starts.

Fans will also finally get a glimpse of the new blood coming in close up, starting in about three hours this morning. The mini camp will continue Wednesday and Thursday from 11:00-1:20 p.m. each day. Unquestionably, this has to be treat for Who Dat Nation.

First and foremost, Saints’ fans won’t have to wait till the evening news to get a 30 second clip of their favorite players. Above all, there’s something to be said about being home all summer. Players and coaches have the luxury of coming home to their own bed and family. Obviously, the weather up in West Virginia is much more pleasant this time of year, but it’s not New Orleans.

Perhaps this familiarity of smells and sounds can put a new REBIRTH into a franchise, that has not been up to par as of late. Sometimes the sweat is good for you. Maybe the heat will help with conditioning. Surely, a little voodoo magic couldn’t hurt either.

Come on out and show some of that love to the team this week. Let’s make sure they never leave again.