The New Orleans Saints will need a ‘Plan B’ if Nick Fairley retires


The number one priority for Nick Fairley is his health. Unfortunately, the Saints have to be ready if Fairley does retire.

In 2016, the New Orleans Saints were bitten by the injury bug severely. Admittedly, those injuries hampered the Saints’ chances to make the playoffs last year. They surely didn’t help. Now in 2017, the Saints have a unexpected hit again before training camp even starts.

Nick Fairley proved his worth last season and was rewarded with a 5-year deal worth $28 million dollars with $14 million guaranteed. Who Dat Nation had high hopes for him going forward. Fairley was going to be the guy, that provided veteran leadership to a young team. He was a sure thing so it was thought.

However, a bombshell hit the Black and Gold in the last few days. Fairley has a heart condition that could derail his career. This is a shock to everyone. The status is still up in the air at this point. The third opinion is crucial to Fairley’s career. One doctor has recommended Fairly to retire ASAP per Sean Payton. The second doctor has somewhat conflicted with the first doctor. Now Fairley and the Saints wait for the third opinion.

Regardless, the Saints must prepare an insurance “Plan B.” No one wants to give up on Fairley just yet. It’s still possible that Fairley could pull a miracle and be on the field in September when the season opens up. The more likely scenario will give someone a shot to be a starter at defensive tackle. It could be David Onyemata, Justin Zimmer, or even Devaroe Lawrence.

Maybe there’s someone that’s not even on the roster that lines up against Minnesota opening day. In any event, the Saints are going to have to make some tough decisions soon. More than anything, Who Dat Dish wishes the best for Nick Fairley and his family. Football is obviously not the most important thing in life.