Saints RB Adrian Peterson looks great in OTAs


The New Orleans Saints are back on the field for OTAs in Metairie, Louisiana. And all eyes are on one of the team’s newest acquisitions.

Organized Team Activities, or OTAs, started today for the New Orleans Saints. Many eyes were on their new running back Adrian Peterson. For those who didn’t know, the Saints acquired the former Minnesota Vikings running back during the offseason, arguably making the biggest acquisition for the 2017 Saints. Peterson signed a 2-year contract worth $7 million dollars with $3.5 million guaranteed. In the 2017 season, Peterson will, in fact, earn a base salary of $1 million dollars. Throughout the next few days at OTAs, there will be spotlights on several players for the New Orleans Saints, and Who Dat Dish will make sure to cover all of it. Starting today with Adrian Peterson.

Adrian Peterson was brought in to not only fill the void left by RB Tim Hightower who went to the San Francisco 49ers, but to give the Saints a dynamic 1-2 punch with their current starter, Mark Ingram. Peterson brings a unique dynamic to the Saints. A future Hall of Famer paired with already bound to be Hall of Famer QB Drew Brees makes for an interesting pair, to say the least. Peterson brings not only veteran wisdom and much-needed experience, but the talent to thrive in the Saints’ system.

For those of us who takes part in Snapchat, including me: the New Orleans Saints official Snapchat account showed Peterson running “Wheel Routes” with perfect execution This route is typically performed by a running back, for those interested in knowing the specifics. What generally happens is the running back — or receiver for that matter — runs parallel with the line of scrimmage, turns, runs straight down the field, and accelerates. Several others noted Peterson’s impressive skills today, as Peterson showcased his general speed, catching ability and route running.

With everything Adrian Peterson brings to the Saints, it’s obvious that his talents certainly won’t go to waste.

The Saints constantly rotate weapons for Drew Brees on the offensive side. But they will utilize this solid addition in Peterson for every yard. The potential this offense has, especially now with this seasoned veteran, is through the roof. Mark my words Saints fans: this season the New Orleans Saints offense could be legendary.

With the Saints looking to make the team’s next big push from the devastating 7-9 season last year, it would be an amazing sight to see in an explosive offense led by Sean Payton, Drew Brees and the dynamic duo (trio) in the Saints backfield. Saints fans will certainly be drooling over the options the team will have to use this upcoming season. New additions Ted Ginn Jr. and now especially Adrian Peterson will once again bring the same thrilling powerhouse offense with simply some new fresh faces this time.

Who Dat Dish, of course, wants to know what you’re thinking! What do you personally think of Adrian Peterson joining the New Orleans Saints? What has you most excited about with this new addition to the team?