The Saints’ return on investment for Drew Brees is simply ‘priceless’

ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 01: Drew Brees
ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 01: Drew Brees /

First things first, surely no one feels sorry for Drew Brees. Granted, you’ll probably never see him using a Groupon for his dinner. That being said, Drew Brees’ salary is a bargain.

Drew Brees is the leader of the New Orleans Saints. That’s a fact. The body of work that he’s given to the Black and Gold stands for itself. On the other hand, the latest contract that was inked gives Brees $44.5 million over the next five years. The contract is a bit confusing. In other words, his $44.5 million is really a two year deal with the last three years voided out.

Without going into much detail, there will be some type of restructuring or maneuvering by the Saints accountants for 2018 and beyond.

Regardless, his salary is so low comparatively to others in the league. Looking at five other quarterbacks explains why. Take a look at some stats from Mike Glennon, Brock Osweiler, Kirk Cousins, Ryan Tannehill, and Sam Bradford.

Name                    Playoffs    Yards    Win-Loss  QBR   TD/Int     Experience

Brock Osweiler   1-1             5,038    13-8           77.4   26-22      4 years

Kirk Cousins         0-2            12,113  19-21        93.6   72-42      5 years

Mike Glennon      N/A            4,100     5-13          84.6   30-15      3 years

Ryan Tannehill    N/A            18,455   37-40       86.5   106-66    5 years

Sam Bradford      N/A            18,667   32-45-1  84.5    98-57      6 years

Drew Brees          6-5             66,111  131-101  96.3   131-101 16 years

Keep in mind also, that the stats above for Drew Brees include his time in San Diego. Additionally, Sam Bradford’s stats includes the last year for Minnesota. The biggest stats that stands out is the win/loss record and the QBR. Furthermore, some of these players’ stats have been inflated due to one or two great years. The other obvious stat that’s beyond a comparison is the playoff records. The five other quarterbacks combined have ONE playoff win.

None of these quarterbacks, in my opinion should be making half of what Drew Brees makes. So taking this a step further, let’s dive into the average salary for each quarterback.

Approximate salaries per year

Brock Osweiler  $18 million per year

Kirk Cousins       $24 million per year

Mike Glennon    $15 million per year

Ryan Tannehill  $19 million per year

Sam Bradford    $17.5 million per year

Drew Brees        $22 million per year

Seriously? These numbers are staggering. Looking at all these numbers has to make Who Dat Nation feel fortunate. The lengths of these contracts vary quite a bit. However, there is no doubt that Drew Brees and his salary is a bargain. The fact is, Brees may be worth $40 million per year or more, if you look at the stats alone.

After 2017, all bets are off. The Saints will have to make a tough decision on how to move forward. Perhaps, Drew Brees could be right wanting to play to the age of 45. That would be a mistake. Drew Brees should consider playing till 50!