Begging the Saints to tryout a least one quarterback

ST. LOUIS - NOVEMBER 22: Kurt Warner
ST. LOUIS - NOVEMBER 22: Kurt Warner /

Yes, the Black and Gold have Chase Daniel now signed for the next year. Furthermore, it’s too early to close the door on Garrett Grayson. But why not bring in a rookie for a tryout during the three day rookie minicamp?

Remember that guy up there pictured above? The same guy that was bagging groceries and playing in the Arena Football League. Yeah that guy. Kurt Warner did pretty good. He went undrafted. Also, anyone heard of a guy named Warren Moon. Yep, he wasn’t half bad as well. Moon went to nine Pro Bowls and ended up in the NFL Hall of Fame. Warner will join him eventually. Here are a couple of other guys that made their mark as an undrafted player in the NFL.

Of course, there is no belief that anyone out there that pales in comparison to any of these legends. However, why not bring a guy in. What is the worse that can happen? Are the Saints afraid to put angst into Garret Grayson’s mind? Or does the powers that be, believe that Chase Daniel is the next coming of Luke Skywalker?

The fact is, there is no good reason to not go ahead and throw a dart to see where it lands. The Saints are more than willing to roll the dice in the NFL Draft. Now it’s time to just do the common sense thing and bring in an undrafted rookie into a three day mini camp.

Here are two names to start with:

Zach Terrell QB Western Michigan

Zach Terrell was picked up immediately after the NFL Draft was over. This guy will play in the NFL one day. The only question is, what team is gonna wake up and smell the coffee. Terrell was released yesterday by the Ravens. There could be countless reasons for this. Perhaps, the system is just not a good fit, or maybe the timing wasn’t right. Either way, Western Michigan has had two players go in the NFL Draft. Wide receiver Corey Davis went #5 in the first round to the Tennessee Titans. There is talent there. Bring him in coach…

Gunner Kiel QB Cincinnati

Gunner Kiel was considered a possible Heisman Trophy candidate in 2015. Obviously, Kiel did not perform to expectations in 2016. He had issues with staying healthy and lost the starting job for a time. Regardless, the kid has the goods to play on the next level with the right system and coaching.

Either way, just bring someone in. There is simply no risk to bring in a guy that’s flying under the radar. The best part is, that it won’t cost anything. This lackadaisical approach concerns me. Maybe the Saints are on the phone right now with one of these guys. Hopefully, they are with someone.