New Orleans Saints need to replicate the 2009 defense


Watching the game film from the 2009 season shows one thing on defense.The pursuit of the ball was relentless.

In 2016, the Saints’ defense allowed a total of 454 points on defense. As a consequence, the average points allowed was over 28 points game. Conversely, in that Super Bowl winning season, the Saints only allowed 341 points. Incidentally, that season, the defense only allowed a mere 21 points a game. That’s about a touchdown less per game.

In addition, the Saints had a turnover ratio of (-4) for the 2008 season. In 2009, the Saints moved to a (+11) turnover ration. These numbers are staggering. Furthermore, in 2016 the Saints finished at a (-3) turnover ration that would mimic the 2008 year. The New Orleans Saints finished 8-8 in that year. Last year the Saints finished 7-9.

What does all these numbers mean? The Saints have to get back to pursuing the ball. After watching four games from the 2009 season, there was a HUGE difference with pursuit. Surely, there were players that stepped up in the Super Bowl run, like Darren Sharper with plenty of critical interceptions. That being said, the entire defense was a machine.

If you just take the playoff run in 2009, the Saints, in the three games played were (+7) for the turnover ratio. That’s astounding. Three games and a (+2) turnover average for EACH game. This one stat is revealing. Those turnovers were not accidents. Players were attacking in groups. The hits were bone-crunching. Every single play the Saints lined up on defense took on the role of the aggressor. Bodies were flying. The Black and Gold simply didn’t drop any interceptions. And of course, the play that Who Dat Nation will never forget.

The Saints need to regain that swagger. The talent is there. The philosophy should be ingrained into every single playbook when training camp starts. Pursuit is the name of the game. The Saints would’ve never won that Super Bowl without that ferocious defense. It’s time to bring the lumber in 2017.