Will Smith Died One Year Ago: What We Know Now.

ST. LOUIS - SEPTEMBER 26: Will Smith
ST. LOUIS - SEPTEMBER 26: Will Smith /

A year ago this past Sunday marked the one-year anniversary of the tragic death of a beloved New Orleans Saints, Will Smith.

Many other people from all ages and walks of life have also met their demise at the end of a gun in the Crescent City since Will was taken from us. According to well respected local crime analyst Jeff Asher of New Orleans, over 200 people have also been killed in the greater New Orleans area since Smith’s death.

WDD has shed a light in recent weeks on the sheer impact that Smith made on the lives of his past teachers, coaches, and youth. On April 9, 2016, Smith was shot and killed and his wife Raquel was seriously injured by Cardell Hayes.

Deuce McAllister, the former Saints running back, recently told WDD he would like for people to “continue to pray for both families, as four children will be raised without their father.”

Here was Deuce, shortly after the verdict had come down on Hayes….

Deuce McAllister reacts to the manslaughter conviction of Cardell Hayes in Will Smith case Sunday night (Dec. 11).

Posted by NOLA.com on Sunday, December 11, 2016

The video below provides some insight as to who some of the players were at the time of the trial, in which Hayes was ultimately convicted of manslaughter.

So, here is what we now know as of Wednesday, April 12, 2017.

Cardell Hayes, who tried to claim self-defense, was ultimately convicted by a New Orleans jury by a count of 10-2 back on December 11th of last year. The man who ultimately executed Will Smith now faces 60 years in prison — 20 to 40 for manslaughter and up to 20 for attempted manslaughter. The D.A. in New Orleans, Leon Cannizzaro, has made it painfully clear that he hopes the judge throws the book at Hayes, and impose what would, in essence, be a life sentence for a total of 60 years.   Hayes was originally set to sentenced by Criminal District Judge Camille Buras back on February 17t. Then the sentencing was moved back to March. Now finally, as of the time of this writing, it is set for April 19.

April 9, 2017, marked the last day for civil lawsuits to be filed. And so they came…..

Smiths widow Racquel, along with the Will Smith estate, is suing Cardell Hayes as well as the car insurance companies. Another suit has been brought forth by the man who supposedly set the entire set of circumstances in motion. Instigator Jonathan Whipple is seeking “exemplary damages”. Whipple was with Will Smith and his group when the shooting went down. Rebecca Dooley, the sister of Whipple has also filed a lawsuit against Hayes and his insurance company.

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Attempts to gain comment from any of the respective attorney’s involved thus far have proven to be fruitless, but if our readers know anything by now, you’ll know not to ever count us out as we have proven time and again to get folk to go on record and comment for the Dish.

Stay tuned….