The New Orleans Saints Preseason Schedule Is Released

CLEVELAND, OH - SEPTEMBER 14: Quarterback Brian Hoyer
CLEVELAND, OH - SEPTEMBER 14: Quarterback Brian Hoyer /

The NFL has just released the full preseason schedule for the 2017 season. The Saints will try and break a nine game losing streak.

The Saints have their schedule for the upcoming preseason. The teams that are on the schedule are: Cleveland Browns, Los Angeles Chargers, Houston Texans, and the Baltimore Ravens. Here is the schedule along with the regular season opponents from the Times Picayune.

The last time the Saints won a game before the regular season was in 2014 against the Indianapolis Colts. The game against the Browns could be very interesting. Cleveland has an abundance of draft picks upcoming in the 2017 draft. Furthermore, there’s a chance the Saints defense will get a shot at a future upcoming star quarterback. The Browns will most likely draft a quarterback at some point. Some mocks have them picking one in the first or second round.

The Houston Texans also may have a new quarterback on their roster. The Saints will play the Texans in the third game which is usually the most significant. Furthermore, there’s a pretty good chance the Saints will have a new rookie quarterback as well on the roster. The fourth game may be more interesting than past years, if the Saints draft a quarterback or bring one as an undrafted free agent.

Most NFL coaches out  there don’t put too much stock into preseason games, but this year may be different. Losing nine in a row is disconcerting. At the same time, the NFL isn’t going to make it easier for the Black and Gold. The first two games are on the road. There is evidence out there that basically comes up with the same proof. Just win one. Going winless in a preseason is just a downer, and Who Dat Nation doesn’t want to go into the regular season with four L’s in the column before the season begins.

Regardless, football is getting closer…