The New Orleans Saints Say Goodbye To Quarterback Luke McCown


Things are definitely changing rapidly for the New Orleans Saints this offseason. Today, after four years, Luke McCown has been released from the Black and Gold.

McCown was the guy behind Drew Brees that gave stability to that position if the time ever came. In 2015, the time came. McCown performed exceptionally by throwing 31-38 for 310 yards and a QB rating of 89.7. McCown did play for five different teams in his career which included: The New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay, and Cleveland.

At 35 years old, the Saints obviously are looking to move into a new era without him. The fact is, this was a business decision. McCown proved that he can play when called upon. However, with the signing of Chase Daniel, the move is not a surprise. In addition, there is rumors of the Saints making a run at one of the quarterbacks in this year’s draft.

Presently, the Saints hold an extra pick in the first and third round. This flexibility does give them plenty of options to choose from. In my opinion, the Saints would be best served bringing in at least two quarterbacks. Perhaps drafting one late in the draft and bringing in an undrafted free agent like Zach Terrell from Western Michigan or Gunner Kiel from Cincinnati. Both these players will most likely not be drafted but have the capabilities to play at the next level.

Be that as it may, Patrick Mahomes is another name which is seeming to come up more often, which I’m personally not a fan of. If the Saints want to pick a quarterback in the first round, the only one worth looking at is DeShone Kizer from Notre Dame. In my opinion, he’s the one guy that could easily transition to the next level. Even so, the best option would be to draft a QB late or not at all.

Additionally, Nate Peterman’s name has been tossed around as well, from the University of Pittsburgh. He performed the best at the Reese’s Senior Bowl recently. The other long shot option would be to bring someone in like Chad Kelly from Ole Miss. Kelly has had some issues off the field for sure, but he’s got the goods to be a future starter.

Regardless, the Saints are moving in a direction that spells at least some preparation for when Drew Brees leaves the Black and Gold. The next few weeks will be very intriguing. Who Dat Nation wishes Luke McCown all the luck in the world. And who knows, maybe he can land another commercial.