‘Johnny B. Goode’ Or Bad For The New Orleans Saints

KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 27: Johnny Manziel
KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 27: Johnny Manziel /

Who Dat Nation is surely in agreement that this offseason has been anything but boring. Not to mention it’s only March.

In all honesty, it is somewhat refreshing to see the Saints go a little wild after three 7-9 seasons. Perhaps, none of us expected that much to change. Sure, there has been drama around the Saints with the ongoing rumors of Sean Payton and Drew Brees leaving. Moreover, there has been some big name trades that have come down recently.

Every now and again there’s a change in the color of Gatorade to spice things up a little. However, things that are happening now are  quite different. Sean Payton doesn’t seem like the type of coach to come out in a fur coat for his pressers. In other words, the gambles that Payton will be forever known for, is the gutsy play calling on the field. Just take a look at the start of the second half of Super Bowl XLIV.

But, here we are again talking about another story. This is no knock on quarterback Johnny Manziel really. The stories just keep getting more outlandish every week. Maybe this is a good thing. Time will tell. Regardless, there are several reports out there that the Saints are interested in Johnny Manziel.

NFL insider Ian Rapoport from the NFL Network was one of those breaking the story. Whether or not there is any serious consideration for ‘Johnny Football’ to come to New Orleans is your guess. In any case, things are not exactly normal for a Saints organization that is usually pretty tight lipped.

Think about this for a second. Sean Payton could have easily met Manziel in a private remote location. Consequently, the events are perplexing at best. There must be a missing puzzle piece here. Payton is crafty and a wise man that is aware that the media would pick up on this for sure. Bringing Manziel to the Saints right now just doesn’t add up. It’s irrelevant, if Manziel can perform in the NFL or not. The experiment just doesn’t seem to fit.

The Saints have a solid backup at current. In addition, the Saints are making it known that a quarterback is a possible pick in this year’s NFL Draft. What is it then? Could it be that Sean Payton did have breakfast with Johnny Manziel and that’s it. Just because someone is eating grits across from another doesn’t mean you’re up for a long standing relationship. Just saying…