Should The New Orleans Saints Consider ‘Hotty Toddy’ QB Chad Kelly


The New Orleans Saints may, or may not draft a quarterback this year. Quarterback Chad Kelly would no doubt be an interesting pick at that.

Chad Kelly is a very talented prospect at quarterback. Chad Kelly is also considered being a tad bit on the wild side. Perhaps, he’s made for New Orleans. Above all, Kelly possesses so much talent and baggage, it’s hard to really sift through it all in one article.

Kelly started out as a hot recruit, who originally signed to play for Clemson University. However, in 2014 Kelly was released from the program. This one story sounds like a clip from ‘A Few Good Men.’ His release by then coach Dabo Sweeney was because of conduct that was detrimental to the team.

This all came two years after being redshirted and an ACL sprain that kept him out of the lineup as well. Kelly moved on to a community college in Mississippi where he won a national title. Eventually, Chad Kelly found a home at Ole Miss.

Since his arrival, Kelly blossomed into the most exciting quarterback in college football. In 2015, Kelly threw for over 4,000 yards and 31 TD’s against only 13 interceptions. He followed up 2015, with another great season with 19 TD’s and 8 interceptions. Furthermore, Kelly rushed for over 800 yards in those two years.

Kelly surely would have exploded for more yards, if he didn’t have an ACL sprain that kept him out of the last few games. Love him or hate him, he’s helped put Ole Miss on the map. Kelly beat Auburn, LSU, and Alabama in one year, which has never been done before at Ole Miss.

Moreover, Kelly has been clutch in certain situations. He’s made some tight throws in small windows. He possesses excellent footwork with exceptional athleticism for a quarterback. The knock on Kelly is actually his advantages ironically. Kelly sometimes can be reckless running the ball thinking he’s Bo Jackson. Inconsistency was a problem last year especially with errant throws.

All things considered, no one knows what to expect from Chad Kelly on the next level. He will no doubt get the opportunity. With the right team, Kelly could flourish. The questions will remain about his maturity until proven otherwise long term. Chad Kelly might just be a steal in the 6th or 7th round.