Twitter Rumors Running Amuck About A Possible Brandin Cooks Trade

GLENDALE, AZ - DECEMBER 18: Wide receiver Brandin Cooks
GLENDALE, AZ - DECEMBER 18: Wide receiver Brandin Cooks /

The first day of Free agency has been active to say the least. Regardless, the focus has been mostly on Brandin Cooks.

Here are just some of the tweets that have been sent.

Everyone following this now. One minute the Patriots are giving away a pick. Another, the Titans are the frontrunner. On the other hand, the Eagles are supposedly still in the mix. The fact is, there are tons of speculation out there. No doubt, there is some truth to some of these reports. For Who Dat Nation, the clarity isn’t very clear.

The good thing is that the Saints added some excellent free agents. Getting Nick Fairley to resign was key. Tyler Raymond from Who Dat Dish broke it down in detail.

Nothing is certain though about Cooks. Especially, if he does not get dealt by the end of tomorrow. Every network is trying their best to break the news first. However, the plethora of circulating stories seem to confuse more than clarify. This is how modern NFL Free Agency works now. With the added coverage on social media, stories seem to come out by the minute.

No one had really stated any possibility that Brandin Cooks, in the end stays with the team. Time will tell. If Cooks does stay, the Saints offense will be unstoppable.