Saints Have Plenty Of Players To Scout In Tuscaloosa For Pro Day

MOBILE, AL - JANUARY 28: Alabama Tight End O.J. Howard
MOBILE, AL - JANUARY 28: Alabama Tight End O.J. Howard /

The Black and Gold will be represented later today for Alabama’s Pro Day. The New Orleans Saints’ draft could see at least one player from the Crimson Tide.

The NFL Draft usually has plenty of talent every year to pluck from. In 2017, there’s no shortage. All in all,17 players look to impress scouts and coaches for a chance, to either get drafted or even get a shot at getting an invite to training camp.

At 11 a.m. the SEC Network coverage begins. Players that didn’t get a chance to even go to the NFL Combine hope to impress. Many of the players yearn to get any notoriety for an opportunity. Alabama has its advantages for sure. Generally speaking, most of the Pro Days will be lucky to draw much attention. However, with the all expanding SEC Network, players aim to make a name for themselves.

A couple of years ago Maryland held their Pro Day where Randy Edsall was head coach at the time.

"“It’s amazing just how much information they can gather about a kid. They want to know how a guy’s home life is like, how many parking tickets a guy got on campus. Different scouts and different organizations will ask different questions. And some are very, very thorough about what they do, because all these little things add up. “-Randy Edsall"

Players earn perks at Alabama under Nick Saban. On the other hand, a player from say Southern Nazarene may not have much chance at all. Larger schools have the advantages of unlimited budgets that give players more coverage. That’s just a fact.

As a matter of fact, one player in particular could actually move his draft number up or down going by tomorrow. Linebacker Reuben Foster has a lot of explaining to do. Foster has been a popular pick in mock drafts lately for the Saints. There was some bizarre incident that sent him home before the NFL Combine began, between him and a hospital worker.

This story may have been blown out of proportion when it broke that day. Regardless, many of teams will want to know exactly what went down.

All things considered, Alabama’s Pro Day will likely be the largest of all. Luckily for everyone, the SEC Network will make sure that anyone can view it live.