Drew Brees’s Heir Apparent May Come From Rocky Top

COLUMBIA, SC - OCTOBER 29: Joshua Dobbs
COLUMBIA, SC - OCTOBER 29: Joshua Dobbs /

SEC fans are probably very familiar with Josh Dobbs from Tennessee. Dobbs was at the Senior Bowl this past week and has definitely improved his stock. The New Orleans Saints would be a great choice to train behind Drew Brees for a year or two.

As a matter of fact, Dobbs has made some great strides since he was a freshman. In 2016, Dobbs finished with 2,946 yards and 27 touchdowns against only 12 interceptions.  Moreover, he doubled his total from the previous year. Consequently, Dobbs has faced some of the toughest defenses going up against the SEC. All things considered, this will help him immensely, as he moves on to the next level. Hopefully, that might come in the Black and Gold.

Dobbs also stood out in practices all week. He in turn helped the South team beat the North on Saturday 16-15. Dobbs completed 12 of 15 throws for 104 yards in the short time that was given. Daniel Jeremiah from the NFL Network had this to say:

"“He’s one of my favorite players”"

Additionally, he’s also a young man with plenty of humility as well. After the game, Dobbs spent time with service men and women to sign autographs. Presumably, people that know Josh Dobbs wouldn’t be surprised to hear this. At any rate, the mock drafts have him going anywhere from the 5th-7th round.

Dobbs is listed at 6-foot-4 and 220 lbs. The knock on Dobbs is pocket presence. However, with the right team and coaches, this can easily be improved. Remember, there was no hype before Dak Prescott hit it big with the Dallas Cowboys. Be that as it may, now the media is on the Dak Prescott bandwagon.

The key will be going to the right team. Similarly, if the Saints can continually improve on defense, then Josh Dobbs could be a steal for the Saints in the later rounds. As a result, there wouldn’t be much risk drafting him that late as well.

Who Dat Dish gotta chance to hear what Dobbs had to say after the South practice on Thursday.

Question: How do you feel today went?

Josh Dobbs: I feel like I completed at a high standard and I’ll continue to do that.

Q2: Any nuances you were able to pick up from Coach Jackson?

JD: Just being efficient in the pocket will help me be consistent as possible.

Q3: What did you think of working with Grambling’s Chad Williams? It seemed that y’all had some good chemistry out there.

JD: Yeah he caught some great fade routes out there. It’s really great to see how certain relationships have blossomed over the week over time.

Q4: Josh, they just announced you’ll be the starting quarterback for the South. Are you excited about that?

JD: I’m definitely excited about that. Of course, there are only two starting quarterbacks for the Senior Bowl. It’s definitely an honor to get named the starter.

Q5: So with limited time playing this Saturday will that change your mindset at all?

JD: Not really. It will just be like going out to practice and being ready to go on moments notice.

Q6: Josh do you have a Super Bowl pick?

JD: You know it’s great to see a great offense going against a great defense. Of course, I’m also glad to see the Falcons make it to the Super Bowl since I’m from Georgia.

Looking at his demeanor on and off the field, Dobbs represents some very solid communication skills and calmness. Don’t sleep on Joshua Dobbs.