New Orleans Saints: Dirty Birds Are One Game Away


The one thing that irks the city of New Orleans is the sight of an Atlanta Falcon fan. The “Dirty Birds” are now only one game away from the unthinkable. Winning a Super Bowl for Atlanta.

After watching Atlanta destroy the Seattle Seahawks over the weekend, Who Dat Nation is getting queasy. If Atlanta beats Green Bay they will unfortunately clinch a spot in the Super Bowl. This blow would be devastating. Regrettably, things would never be the same.

Think about it. No more ringless jokes. No more saying the Falcons haven’t won anything. Even worse, Falcons fans would be trolling us on social media for another six months. The thought of this is unsettling. The Black and Gold faithfuls would have a hard time swallowing it.

This possible scenario keeps me up late at night. Seeing the Falcons logo with World Champions along side with it, would be an oxymoron. Above all, the rival between the Falcons and Saints would become even more intense.

Furthermore, seeing all the red and black confetti rain down would be like acid rain. This could hurt our environment. Save the trees. For the love of God please no. Fans would also have to endure watching those commercials after the game plastered all over the television with their Super Bowl gear. This can’t happen right?

Regardless, if Atlanta wins it all or not, this has to get the players and coaches motivated to work harder than ever in the offseason. In any case, no matter how you slice it, Atlanta is better than the New Orleans Saints at this point. Saying that hurts, but it’s the hard truth.

Finally, the 2017 season is now Defcon One. No way to get around it, that this season will either be a new beginning or end. There simply is no more excuses this upcoming year. The Saints must get better soon. This has to be the year. There is no next year.