New Orleans Saints Draft: Antonio Pipkin QB, Tiffin


Antonio Pipkin is a quarterback that most people probably never heard of yet….

First, a little background information:

Height: 6-2

Weight: 225

Projected 40 time: 4.55-4.65

Projected Round (2017): 5-7

Quarterback Antonio Pipkin is not unknown to the football insiders. Matter of fact, Mel Kiper has him in the top 10 best quarterbacks coming out in 2017. has him ranked 9th at this moment.

Pipkin also have an invite to the Senior Bowl upcoming and is rapidly rising up the draft boards. So who is Antonio Pipkin? Pipkin comes from Tiffin University in Tiffin, Ohio. This is a tiny little school that has a little over 4,000 students that carries the name the Dragons. Perhaps, the name Chris Ivory may sound familiar. The Saints picked up Ivory as an undrafted free agent in 2010 from Tiffin.

Now Ivory plays for the Jaguars and has a combined 4,470 rushing yards already, while averaging nearly 4.5 yards a carry. Not bad for a guy coming out of a Division II school that no one has heard of. Ivory has also caught 73 balls for 568 yards in his career.

So Pipkin won’t be the first “diamond in the rough” to come out of Tiffin University. A little more about this little known secret weapon. Pipkin has literally shattered all records at the Division II level. He’s started 41 straight games for the Dragons. Furthermore, add in 13,147 yards in total offense with 2,207 rushing yards. Additionally, Pipkin has tossed 88 touchdown passes with 25 extra touchdowns in his career.

This is the scary part. Pipkin is not a running quarterback. The yards that were piled up were mostly just escaping from the pocket. His coach Gary Goff had this to say:

"“We built the program around him. He’s fast enough to score whenever someone’s chasing him. That’s all I care about.”"

Pipkin is known for making intelligent plays and climbing the pocket. This article details everything about Pipkin, as far as reading defenses. Pipkin has been doing it for years at Tiffin. 

If the Saints wanna pick a QB in this upcoming draft and don’t wanna use a high pick, Pipkin is straight up solid. From his play on the field to his character, this is a guy that Drew Brees would love to mentor for a couple of years.