Ho Dat! Saints vs. Bucs on Christmas Eve

BALTIMORE, MD - DECEMBER 19: Santa Claus walks on the field before the game between the Baltimore Ravens and the New Orleans Saints at M
BALTIMORE, MD - DECEMBER 19: Santa Claus walks on the field before the game between the Baltimore Ravens and the New Orleans Saints at M /

The Saints will make a rare appearance on Christmas Eve Saturday in the Mercedes-Benz Dome. Moreover, this is the last time Who Dat Nation will see the team play in 2016. What a year it’s been…

Disappointment, dissatisfaction, excitement, thrills, misfortune, unfulfillment, exhilaration, and much more. This season has provided way too much of everything. Consequently, the Black and Gold has been playing like a bowl of gumbo with too many ingredients.

Although the season in 2016 will likely be another missed postseason, Who Dat Nation will miss the Saints playing on Sunday afternoons. Think about this for a second. Eight more months till the Saints kickoff another preseason game. The longing for yet another game in the dome will go through many stages.

First, most Saints fans will be watching the NFL Playoffs on TV. This part will be agonizing for Who Dat Nation. Surely, a couple of bounces go our way, the Saints could easily be 8-6 right now. The Saints were good enough to be in the postseason. However, the team was not consistently on par to merit a spot.

Second, there will be a grieving process that will come near the Super Bowl. The memories will flood our minds and dreams of that 2009 season. The parades and celebrations are surely fresh in our heads. Presumably, many of us will watch the highlights and maybe the whole game of that magical year. Reminiscing of the good times.

Third, the city will go into full Mardi Gras mode. In February, the city progresses into transition mode. The country as a whole will be resting up, but the city of New Orleans will be gathering for two weeks to wash away any bad season. People just do not understand that Mardi Gras is not a one day affair. This process will last about two or three weeks and will take away most of the disappointment. The city will be once again flushed out with the good toxins.

Fourth, the festival season begins, and draft time will be coming around. The hope and faith are in full swing with music, dance, and plenty of Who Dat hope. April and May symbolize a new beginning. The flowers start to bloom and rookies become Saints.

Finally, the mini camp and training camp will come upon us again. Who Dat Nation will come back around again in July to look forward to another season. From here on, fans are ready to go. That being said, the offseason can be a long period. At times, Who Dat Nation will struggle especially in the early Summer when golf and Cricket may be the only viewing choices. When this happens, just think of how lucky we are to live in New Orleans. The Saints will be coming again. Also, this Saturday go all out. Wear your crazy costumes. Drink your favorite Egg Nog before the game. Make every second count as it’s gonna be awhile till the Saints kick it off again. Ho Dat!