3 Takeaways from Week 14 vs. Bucs

Dec 11, 2016; Tampa, FL, USA; New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (9) reacts as he walks back to the sideline after the didn
Dec 11, 2016; Tampa, FL, USA; New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (9) reacts as he walks back to the sideline after the didn /

This was a sloppy game all around for the Saints. The offense never seemed to find a rhythm, the defense had a few good stops but ultimately couldn’t get the job done. Here are 3 takeaways to look at from the game.

1. What happened to the Saints explosive offense?

The Saints offense has been unfamiliar to say the least. The past two games the offense has scored a combined 24 points. In those games, Drew Brees has thrown 6 interceptions with 0 touchdown passes, and not to mention both games have been loses. After a game like Week 12 vs. the LA Rams where the Saints won in a rout scoring 49 points and Drew Brees throwing 310 passing yards, 4 passing TD’s, and even 1 rushing touchdown, it’s hard to believe this is the same team.

2. What is the root of the problem?

There are a lot of fingers to be pointed. But lets just look at a couple of them. With 3 incomplete passes that would have resulted in a touchdown, it’s easy to say that the offense is out sync. One of those passes being overthrown by Brees, the other two being dropped by Brandin Cooks and Travaris Cadet. It comes down to missed opportunities, when the offense can’t get on the same page, they are bound to happen.

Could it be the coaching staff? It would be easy to point the finger at Sean Payton, but he has proven himself before and when you don’t have the right tools to work with you’ll never get the job done. Mickey Loomis has received a lot of hate the past couple of years. He has been making the wrong moves, drafting the wrong people, and not managing the team the way it needs to be run.

Recruiting is a major problem and has been the past couple of years. The Saints can’t afford to go a whole draft and only come out with one or two keepers. The Saints have to come out as winners in the upcoming draft and free agency.

3. Looking Towards the Future.

Free agency, it’s an important part football for a team if they look to bounce back from a bad season, and the Saints absolutely need to come out as a winner.  The biggest problem that comes to mind is defense. In the upcoming 2017 free agency the saints have a couple of options if they look to upgrade.

Pass defense is a major key in winning games and the Saints need some help in that department, most notably corners. Trumaine Johnson could be a nice pick up for the Saints willing he isn’t too expensive given the Saints salary cap situation. Johnson has proven himself to be a dominant cover corner and with him being 6’2″, he’s a guy that can cover the taller receivers in the league. Another name that comes to mind is Prince Amukamara. He has been a dominant corner throughout the years. He’s a guy you can rely on to cover number one receivers.

The 2017 Draft could also play a huge role in how the Saints bounce back from this heartbreaking season.

Jabrill Peppers! This is one guy that we all would love to fall to the Saints. Being it’s unlikely he falls that far, it doesn’t mean that it couldn’t happen. He would be a huge addition to the Saints defense and would make an instant impact on the success of the team. He is the definition of an athlete, and also a Heisman Trophy nominee.

The Saints could also use some help getting to the quarterback. There is plenty of talent in this draft to help with that. Johnathan Allen has been a major force for Alabama and would definitely make for a great pick for the Saints. He totaled 40 tackles where 7 and a half of them were for a loss. That includes 7 sacks, 2 batted passes and an interception. He has been a defensive beast in college. He would instantly turn the Saints rushing defense into one of the best along with Nick Fairely and Cameron Jordan.