Drew Brees should wanna leave the Saints in 2017


The New Orleans Saints sit at 4-6 at the moment and are not yet mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. The odds are slim. And it looks like another 7-9 season or below. After the season, there will be yet another year of questions for Drew Brees. Will 2017 be his last year here in New Orleans?

Just so readers are clear, this article is not about whether it makes financial sense to keep him. Moreover, this is not an article that debates whether or not Brees can play past 40 or even 45 years old. This piece is about what’s best for Drew Brees.

On January 15th, 2017 Drew Brees will turn 38 years old. That will be coincidentally, two weeks after the final game of the season against the Atlanta Falcons. Now the only logical explanation of Drew Brees staying past 2017 in a Saints uniform is simply one word: loyalty. Brees seems like a loyal person of character that would like to finish his career in the Black and Gold. Who Dat Nation has heard him say this before.

Be that as it may, is it even fair to want him to stay in New Orleans, pushing 40 years old with an average team at best. I think it’s fair to say that if we as fans were really honest with ourselves 100%, wouldn’t it be best for Brees to move on. Without a doubt this year, who knows if the Saints would even win four games. No one can say for sure. Ultimately, most people would agree, that as long as Drew Brees is behind the center the Saints at least have a chance to be a playoff team.

Meanwhile the Saints are staring another losing season right in the face with Drew Brees at the helm. The man has done pretty much everything for the city and the franchise. Eventually, he must leave. Next year would be simply the right time for most of Who Dat Nation to accept the reality that there will be life after Drew Brees. Even if that means to suffer for awhile.

Drew Brees cannot bear the burden any longer to be expected to lead this team to another Super Bowl. The NFL has become even more competitive, and the NFC South has gotten much better recently with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers currently sitting at 5-5. Tampa was always a sure bet to two wins every year. That is simply not the case anymore.

No the players that are coming in are getting younger and younger while Brees continues to defy the laws of aging and thrives right now at the age of 38. Let’s let him go. He deserves that opportunity to have a legitimate chance of playing for another 2-3 years with a good team. Who Dat Nation should swallow their selfish wants and desires to wish him well after next year. He can’t stay here forever, even know the whole state of Louisiana including the Gulf Coast wants him too.