Saints vs. 49ers: Don’t blink on Kaepernick just yet

NEW ORLEANS, LA - NOVEMBER 9: Colin Kaepernick
NEW ORLEANS, LA - NOVEMBER 9: Colin Kaepernick /

The New Orleans Saints come in Sunday riding high after defeating the Seattle Seahawks last week 25-20. No one saw that coming outside of the locker room. This week the Saints face a San Fran team that is simply desperate to find something. The Black and Gold better not take this game lightly. Kaepernick still has the potential to become dangerous.

Surely, most of the country has heard the story about Kaepernick’s stance of not standing up for the National Anthem by now. That story became national headlines not too long ago. Ironically, at the time, Blaine Gabbert was the quarterback for the 49ers. Now the reigns have been given to Colin Kaepernick to see if he can jump start this team.

Since getting the starting job against Buffalo just a few weeks ago, not much has changed. The 49ers stand at 1-6 and have lost the last two with Kaepernick starting. On the year, Kaepernick is 29-63 for 330 yards with two TD’s and one interception. That also includes him being sacked seven times. That’s hardly worth even getting a bit worried about some career resurrection.

That being said though, there is one thing that does stand out. In the last two games against Buffalo and Tampa Bay Kaepernick has rushed for 150 yards on 17 rushes. If you break that down, that’s a hefty average of 8.8 yards a game. Furthermore, it’s an average of 75 yards a game with just his legs alone. That’s no joke. Add Carlos Hyde in there, and the Saints have better have their eyes peeled real close to what Kaepernick is doing at all times.

Running back Carlos Hyde, by the way is averaging 71.5 yards a game with a 3.9 average per carry, which is nothing to sneeze at. But Kaepernick is the one “X Factor” that the 49ers have that no other team may have. He has the potential to make a broken play into a big play. If you look at all the other numbers, the 49ers look like an easy win. However, there is that one factor that could make this a very challenging matchup for the Saints.

Say what you want about Kaepernick’s career now, but it was only two years ago that he was throwing for nearly 3,500 yards a season and rushing for over 500 yards per season. The Saints just better show up with the same intensity this Sunday, or the game could be another nail biter. Sure this video was four years ago, but just remember Kaepernick has absolutely nothing to lose.