The New Orleans Saints 50 for 50 series continues: No.49, Ron Swoboda vs Jim Mora

There’s no other way to begin this article without first seeing this video. This is the G-Rated version heated exchange between former sports reporter Ron Swoboda and Jim Mora.

#49- Swoboda vs. Mora

For newer Saints fans the name Ron Swoboda may not be well known. Perhaps that name may ring a bell in another sport. Yes, Ron Swoboda is the guy that made “the catch” for the New York Mets in 1969. Swoboda made a diving grab in the ninth inning of the World Series to help the “Miracle Mets” win the title.

In New Orleans though, Swoboda was known as a thorn in Jim Mora’s side. Jim Mora was definitely legendary as a coach during his tenor in New Orleans. Swoboda for whatever reason, knew how to push the wrong buttons for the head ball coach. Mora already had a fiery temper as it was. There was simply no other person that got underneath Mora’s skin than Ron Swoboda.

Mora brought the Saints into the playoffs and elevated the Saints into places they have never been. The fans adored Mora for a long time until things started to go sour. Mora had some other legendary meltdowns including “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda,” “You Will Never Know,” “Diddly Poo,” and the most famous “Playoffs?” rant. The head coach in the end really started to lash out more against the media before he was finally let go in1996.

Swoboda made a name for himself in New Orleans for asking the tough questions. The questions just seemed to really tick Jim Mora off. Really if both men were honest, I think there was a mutual respect of each other. Both men were simply comfortable enough to be real with each other. Sure there was anger laden yelling matches that occurred between the two men, but those years to many were simply the best of times. Ron Swoboda said it best here.

“When I think about it, finding New Orleans, and what happened in 1969, had the same kind of magic.”

It makes sense that both men irritated the living heck out of each other. Both were simply legends in their own right. Both men definitely had egos. Somehow the two men became a historical twosome that made for intriguing drama. The relationship was so unique, that even today the two will be remembered forever together.







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