Saints quarterback Drew Brees makes it clear he wants to win another Super Bowl


Drew Brees covered a number of topics Thursday afternoon during his press conference, including his No. 1 priority — winning another Super Bowl.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees delivered what was perhaps his strongest press conference of the year on Thursday.  From drawing comparisons between Willie Snead and former Saints wideout Lance Moore (now with the Detroit Lions, New Orleans’ next opponent), to complimenting team chemistry and attitude this, he covered a wide variety of topics.

But in his biggest message of the day, Brees couldn’t be more clear about one thing — he wants to win another championship.

“For me, at this stage in my career, it’s about winning,” Brees said. “It’s about finding a way to win another championship. I want to go win another championship. All this other stuff comes along with it, because if you play long enough, then you’re maybe knocking on the door for some of these records, which that’s all well and good too. Those are fun, because you can reflect back on all of the people that were a part of that. A lot of guys caught those 421 touchdowns, and hopefully there’s a lot more. You think about the guys that were a part of that and could always be part of that. That’s really cool. That’s great. Those are fun to celebrate in the locker room afterward too, but at the end of the day, I’m trying to win a championship.”

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Unfortunately, time is not on Drew Brees’ side.  He’ll be 37 next month, he has one year left on his contract, and the Saints seem to be multiple coaching changes and talented players away from being a Super Bowl caliber team again.  Another solid draft, some cap fixing, a splash in the free agent market, and an extension on Brees’ contract could do the trick, but that’s quite the tall order.

Still, it’s nice to see Drew Brees continue on with his humble, winning mentality.  He doesn’t care about personal records.  He just wants to bring the Lombardi Trophy back to New Orleans.

The Saints could very well find themselves back in the playoffs next year, and once that happens, it’s a brand new season.  It’s any given Sunday, and as long as No. 9 is under center in the Big Easy with the right supporting cast, a second Super Bowl title is within reach.  Let’s hope he gets a few more years to try and make it happen.