Could Tim Hightower be the 2015 clone of Terrell Davis?


Before you start thinking I’ve lost my marbles, just give me chance to explain why I believe New Orleans Saints’ Tim Hightower could be a clone of future Hall of Famer Terrell Davis.

Many would rarely even think about trying to compare a guy that hasn’t played in about four years to a future Hall of Famer, but I urge you to hear me out. Before a Saints fan can even start dreaming about any visions of Tim Hightower holding a Super Bowl trophy in 2017, let’s dig deep to see what similarities exist between the two.

Terrell Davis was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the 6th Round in the 1995 NFL Draft with the 196th overall pick. Tim Hightower was drafted in the 5th Round by the Arizona Cardinals with the 149th overall pick. Terrell Davis was clocked at about 4.6 seconds in the 40-yard dash, which is not considered lightning fast. Tim Hightower came in to the 2008 NFL Combine and topped that with a 4.59 second 40-yard dash.

Eerily both of these backs weren’t looked at as being the studs coming out of college. It’s fair to say that both players felt a little jilted on draft day. Hightower especially, because he ran for over 1,924 yards with 20 touchdowns at 5.9 yards per clip in his Senior year.  Furthermore, they both also struggled with injuries. Terrell Davis moved down the draft board mainly because he battled injuries during his college career. Davis was considered a sleeper pick for the Broncos, which ended up to turn out okay. Hightower has been plagued with injuries the last 3 years after having some very productive years with the Cardinals franchise.

Hightower, by the way, ran the rock 28 times on Sunday against Tampa Bay for 85 yards. Looking back to since Mark Ingram has been with the team, he has only once carried the ball for more attempts. Ingram ran 30 times last year against Carolina for 100 yards. The Saints ended up winning that game 28-10. That’s no slight on Ingram because he doesn’t get to call the plays. However, it does show one thing. If the Saints run Ingram only once in that capacity in his 4-year career, that tells me that Hightower is going to get the load now. The fact of the matter is that Hightower and the Saints are a perfect marriage because both have nothing to lose. The way Hightower ran yesterday, you can tell. He looked as beautiful as an NFL back as I’ve seen wear the black and gold in a while.

So, what does this all mean you ask? Is it fair to say that Tim Hightower will be the biggest Christmas miracle since Kris Kringle showed up on 34th Street? Maybe we deserve a miracle on Poydras Street. Nothing has gone exactly the way anyone envisioned this year anyway. Perhaps the powers that be had Hightower pinned to be the next ‘great one’.

It could be that I’m swooned by the character of Hightower and all the adversity he’s been through. The man hasn’t scored a touchdown in 4 years up until Sunday. At this point, this is the best silver lining on a Monday morning when the Saints are 5-8 with a faint pulse at a playoff spot. At least the Who Dat Nation has something to hold onto for the last 3 weeks. And who knows, maybe a guy that played for the Florida Blacktips last year could be the story of the season. Yes, I did say the Florida Blacktips.

Next Monday night, we’ll know more as the team plays in prime time. New Orleans Saints fans just might have a reason to buy a ticket for the game against the Detroit Lions.