Marques Colston: The greatest wide receiver to ever wear the black and gold


Marques Colston is certainly not the player he once was, but he is indeed the greatest wide receiver to ever play for the New Orleans Saints.

As the New Orleans Saints go into their final quarter of the 2015 season, there is not much to look back on and like about this year.  But there is something Saints fans should feel privileged and honored to watch, and that would be Mr. Marques Colston.

These could be the final four games of his Saints career.  This is not exactly how he was hoping to go out, but the true fans of the Black and Gold know how important Marques Colston has been to this team.  He is the greatest receiver in this franchise’s history, and it’s not even close.

Having six seasons with over one thousand yards and being one touchdown away from 70 in his career just shows how spectacular he has been for this organization.  Not to mention, he owns the Saints’ all-time records for receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns.  Drew Brees and Colston ere one of the top quarterback to wide receiver combinations in terms of touchdowns in the history of the NFL.

Marques Colston is not as good as he once was, but time does that to every athlete.  He still shows glimpses of his younger self at times and does not give up.  After injuring his shoulder back in Week 5, many believed he would be out at least a month, yet he ended up only missing one week.  Many times in his career he has came back from injury sooner than most thought, which just shows his heart and determination.

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Nobody had any idea that the receiver from Hofstra University, who was drafted No. 252 overall in the seventh and final round of the 2006 NFL Draft, would become one of the all-time greatest Saints players.  As soon as Marques Colston stepped onto the field his rookie year, he was a mismatch for most cornerbacks, overpowering them with size, strength and separation.  A big, physical receiver who runs great routes and whose hands are one of the best this game has seen was immediately successful.

He started off his career with back-to-back one thousand yard receiving seasons and most likely would have had his third, but only played in 11 games in 2008.  Colston had the ability to go up in the middle of two players and come down with the ball with ease.  He wouldn’t mind going across the middle and taking a huge hit from a safety — he’s taken plenty over the years.  Working the seams has always been his best though.  Sure, having Drew Brees as his quarterback helped Colston become one of the best, but he has also been Brees’ security blanket most of his career.  If Brees was ever in trouble, he knew he could count on Colston.

Marques Colston has never been known to be a trash talker, but more of an under-the-radar player who cares more about his team winning, rather than his own stats, which is why he was given the nickname of the “Quiet Storm.”  That nickname goes perfectly with Colston’s personality and underestimated performance.

There has been some very good receivers who have worn the black and gold such as Eric Martin and Joe Horn, but there will only be one “Quiet Storm.”  He should get a lot more credit than he does and should have made multiple Pro Bowl appearances, but not once has he complained.  He has given the fans more than enough and he deserves to go out on a high note.  So when you see No. 12 in the huddle, don’t just take it for granted because he is a once in a lifetime type of player.  There are only four games left in the season and not much to root for, so why not cherish the moments that one of the greatest players in New Orleans Saints history has remaining?