Sean Payton: Saints not playing well starts with him


Head coach Sean Payton is taking the blame for the New Orleans Saints’ distasteful performance this season, he said during his press conference Monday morning.

After an atrocious performance against the Houston Texans on Sunday, New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton said in his press conference Monday morning that the team not playing well starts with him.  Same story, different day.  The loss marks the third-straight for the Saints and was the likely dagger to their 2015 campaign.

“Obviously tough film to watch,” Sean Payton said. “One of the things that stood out that we talked about as a team and as a staff, you start looking at the third-down numbers and the distance you’re operating in gives you a pretty good idea of your either efficiency or inefficiency on first and second down.

“Eight or nine offensive third downs were ten or more and then conversely the down and distance that we were defending was a lot less. I thought particularly offensively, we hurt our defense. They were on the field too long. We talked about that after the game. It was pretty obvious all of us have to look closely at ways to improve that, and we really haven’t.

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“I’d go back to the second half of the Titans game offensively and in Washington, and now this game really not playing good football. We’re not playing nearly as good as we’re used to. That starts with me and us getting a good plan together and being able to operate and play a complimentary game.”

Coach Payton can sit there and take the blame as much as he wants whenever he wants, but when will something actually be done about the poor performance over the past two seasons?  Losing is getting very old, very fast for Saints fans.

With five more games to go, Sean Payton and the Saints will do everything in their power to rack up some wins, but the way things are going at the moment, that seems like a tall order.  This Sunday, New Orleans (4-7) hosts the last remaining undefeated team in the NFL and their rivals in the NFC South, the Carolina Panthers (11-0).  Handing them their first loss like they did to the Atlanta Falcons earlier in the year would certainly be a good start.