The ‘Drew Brees should be traded to the Jets’ suggestion has been spotted again


New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees should be traded to the New York Jets after the season is over, according to Gary Myers of New York Daily News.

Yes, this is back again. No, you aren’t imagining things when you say to yourself, ‘Haven’t I heard this before?’. Myers suggested in an article on Tuesday that the Saints should look the Jets way, if they were to make Drew Brees available for trade.

"If the Saints make him available, go get Brees. I like this scenario the best for the Jets: Trade for Brees and draft a quarterback in the first round in the 2016 draft. There could be a complete rebuild in New Orleans after the season starting with Sean Payton moving. The Saints will find a team willing to trade for Brees if he agrees to a restructured contract or they could cut him if he won’t take a salary reduction to facilitate a trade. Brees is scheduled to make $19.75 million next season in the final year of his contract. He will be 37 in January; he had a shoulder issue a few weeks ago that forced him to miss his first game due to injury since he had shoulder surgery after the 2005 season. But since coming back, he tied the NFL record with seven TD passes earlier this month against the Giants. He has 20 TDs, nine INTs and is completing 69.5%."

Yes, Drew Brees does have a hefty salary cap figure next year, and I documented that in an early look at the Saints 2016 salary cap situation. Brees currently counts for $30 million against the team’s 2016 figure, and the Saints could save $20 million if they were to simply cut ties with him. While that isn’t a likely scenario, Brees could help alleviate some of the blow that the Saints front office will have to work around thanks largely in part to $12.1 million in dead money from cutting ties with Junior Galette.

Earlier this month, Brees was on ‘The Dan Patrick Show’, and stated that he “absolutely” wanted to finish his career in New Orleans. There’s little to no doubt that Brees is still playing at an elite level this season, and I believe the Saints (mainly Mickey Loomis) has used this year as a litmus test as to whether or not they would look at extending Brees beyond the 2016 season to allow him to finish out his career in New Orleans.

Figuring out if Sean Payton is moving on after this season is anybody’s guess, but mainly speculation at this point with 6 games left in the season. Brees worked extensively with offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr. in 2011, so it wouldn’t necessarily mean that Payton leaving means Brees would be out. However, we’re all getting way ahead of ourselves.

Prior to the NFL’s trading deadline, ESPN had suggested that the Saints ship Brees to the New York Jets for a 3rd round draft pick. This all started back in March, with speculation that Brees would be traded to the Jets prior to the NFL Draft, so the Saints could move up and draft Marcus Mariota. It’s very interesting that this keeps coming up, and that New York really wants Brees in the AFC East.