It’s step up or step out for New Orleans Saints wide receiver Nick Toon


Step right up, kids, and hop on the Nick Toon roller coaster.  It’s a downhill “drop” for the most part, and just when you think things are going up, back on down it is.  And if you’re a fan of bumpy rides, you’ll surely enjoy this one.

Okay, enough of the cheesy mockery.  Nick Toon is in danger of losing his job in the Big Easy, plain and simple.  The New Orleans Saints‘ fourth-year wideout, or should I say third with all the time he’s missed?  Whatever, Toon just can’t seem to find any sort of consistency since joining the Black and Gold via the fourth round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

He’s been given plenty of chances, but he just cannot execute on an everyday basis.  I thought Nick Toon would be cut following last year’s training camp, but head coach Sean Payton decided to keep him around. Nick Toon has his good days, he has his bad days, and he has his terrible days.  The potential is there for the 6-foot-4 tower, but potential is just another word for false hope if you can’t turn it into anything.  When you think he finally does, he follows through with disappointment.

While I scratch my head wondering why I put Toon on my 53-man roster projection, which will change as the preseason progresses, he certainly didn’t help his case Thursday after an awful outing during the second joint practice with the New England Patriots.  Miscommunication highlighted by several dropped passes is not the way to keep your job.

As Nick Toon struggles (just 13 catches on 23 targets at camp), others are standing out, particularly Willie Snead, who may wind up being the guy that leaves Toon jobless when it’s time to do the roster trimming.

Toon has three more preseason contests to prove his worth with the team, but if he doesn’t start stepping up immediately, he’ll be stepping out of New Orleans very soon.  He’ll test his luck Saturday night when the Saints host New England in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

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