New Orleans Saints 53-man roster prediction: New faces continue to enter the picture


We’re back for another final 53-man roster prediction for the New Orleans Saints. After one preseason game, it’s difficult to say that anything is set in stone. However, after two weeks, things do become a little bit clearer as to the frontrunners to make the final squad.

Based on recent injuries and the first preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens, I give you my very best guess as to what the New Orleans Saints roster will look like to kick things off in September.

New players, both rookies and free agents, are denoted in bold.

The ‘Early’ New Orleans Saints 53-man roster prediction

Predicting a final NFL roster becomes increasingly difficult as teams play through their slew of preseason games. There’s roughly 75 percent of the roster that figure to be no-brainers. For the final 10-15 player selections, it becomes challenging.

Roster Battle Notes

  • I know all three quarterbacks looked good against the Ravens, but Ryan Griffin clearly looked more comfortable. I’ve been high on him edging out Luke McCown, and this one is his to lose.
  • Dustin Hopkins looks comfortable and poised to take the starting job, although Zach Hocker struggled early, he rebounded. This is something to keep an eye on.
  • I understand that Marcus Murphy is riding high as a returner, and even got into the end zone. I’ve been high on Tim Hightower since the beginning of my roster predictions, and I believe he deserves a roster spot on this team if he keeps it up.
  • Willie Snead is turning many heads, and I replaced R.J. Harris’ spot with the upcoming youngster.
  • Glenn Foster’s departure opens the door for another to inherit a roster spot, and with the team designating as a 4-3 defense, it was time to pencil in Kasim Edebali appropriately. With Lawrence Virgil’s extent of his injury unknown at this point, Bobby Richardson finds himself a spot right now.
  • Damian Swann earns a spot over P.J. Williams as of right now, Williams need to get on the field and step up.
  • Unless Ronald Powell shows something definitive, I can’t definitively say he edges out someone like Henry Coley. However, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt as of right now. With Davis Tull set to return to action, that’s one to watch. If he is indeed capable like his draft profile suggests, then the team won’t be able to float a spot without him on the final 53.
  • Parys Haralson was officially listed as a defensive end in his snap counts, and was moved accordingly. Anthony Spencer was also listed as an end during the Ravens game, but we’ll need to see more of how the team uses him going forward.
  • An alternate scenario exists if the team rolls with seven linebackers and opts to part ways with Ronald Powell to hold a spot for Marcus Murphy as the team’s fifth back and returner.