Junior Galette allegedly rips Saints, may have ended career


When the news broke that the New Orleans Saints released the best pass rusher on their team in Junior Galette, many around the NFL were shocked.

Apparently Galette was among the number who didn’t see it coming either. The way he handled it on Twitter paralleled the way he has handled his career up to this point.

Galette deleted his twitter months ago after he was arrested on charges of domestic violence (charges dropped), which seemed to be a good sign that he wasn’t going to allow his personal feelings to be aired in the public domain.

Following the news of his release, his girlfriend’s twitter account started tweeting about the Saints. At first it seemed like she was just upset her boyfriend wasn’t going to be getting paid anymore.

Then she started tweeting some specific knowledge about the Saints that an ordinary girlfriend probably wouldn’t care to know.

It became almost obvious that Galette was tweeting from his girlfriend’s account, but there is no real evidence, so all we can do is assume for now.

Before Twitter took the account down Galette took shots at veteran wide receiver Marques Colston, quarterback Drew Brees, and head coach Sean Payton. He was particularly vicious to Saints right tackle Zach Strief.

The tirade continued until the account was closed by Twitter. I’m not certain if Galette thought he was being clever by ALLEGEDLY tweeting from his girlfriend’s account or if he was just so upset that he had to say something.

He may have committed NFL career suicide with that Twitter rant. It’s hard to think a team would want him.

Anyone who has seen the movie “Draft Day” knows that attacking an NFL team, players, or a fan base on social media when you are actively seeking employment by other NFL teams is a bad move.

Some NFL teams can handle a problem player; no NFL team will have patience for a player that has demonstrated he might tweet your business to the public domain, much less have loose lips around reporters.

Just a reminder, Galette got paid last year. He was an undrafted rookie out of Stillman College who was just happy to be in the same room as quarterback Drew Brees (he used to talk about playing with him in Madden).

Not only was Stillman college a Division II school, but the reason he was there was because he was kicked off his team at Temple after he was arrested for stealing laptops.

He was the epitome of taking a chance on a player in the NFL. In less than five years, he went from unknown undrafted rookie, to star pass rusher, to unemployed, to unemployable in the NFL.

He wasn’t a leader, he got into brawls with teammates in the locker room, he spoke to the media disparaging former teammates (something Sean Payton would never allow to slide).

Then the legal troubles that came afterwards were just the cherry on top. Galette made his bed and now he must sleep in it.

It could be an abrupt and sad end to a promising career for a man that had so much talent. New Orleans won’t miss him. The NFL shouldn’t miss him.

UPDATE: Junior Galette is denying any involvement with the Twitter rant from his girlfriend’s Twitter account.

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