Junior Galette not affiliated with weekend Twitter rant, former Saints linebacker says


According to Junior Galette, the weekend Twitter rant that many people believed to be the now former New Orleans Saints linebacker on his girlfriend’s account was not him.  In fact, he told WWL-TV sports reporter Lyons Yellin that he had no connection to the social media debacle that took place.

While Junior Galette says it was not him, nor was it his girlfriend (even though her Instagram account had the Twitter handle used for the rant on there), the person behind the mess sure seemed to know EVERYTHING about the Saints’ personal issues, ripping on former teammates at an unwarranted level.  It was disgusting and shouldn’t be allowed in the NFL if it indeed was him.

However, the team’s leading pass rusher over the past two seasons insists it was not him (according to the report), and it really can’t be proved unless somebody owns up.

"“I spoke to Mickey and he said, ‘We’re glad to have you here. You did a lot for us, but the video was the tip of the iceberg and we just had to move on.’ I said, ‘OK, how do we do this? I’ve never been through this.’ He said, ‘OK, we’re gonna put you on IR and we’re gonna release you after you get cleared. I said, ‘You don’t have to put me on IR, I’m healthy. I can pass a physical right now. He said, OK, let’s schedule a physical for 9 a.m. Saturday.“I left the building, said hey, thanks to everybody, shook everybody’s hand and left there. (There) wasn’t no anger there, was none of that. I know it’s a business and you move on. It happened, so what? Drew Brees didn’t get to play for San Diego his whole career. Who plays for one team his whole career? It doesn’t happen anymore.“I played five years and gave my heart and soul to this city. I’m ready to move on to the next chapter. I want to close it. Just leave it alone Twitter. I don’t have Twitter, my girlfriend doesn’t have Twitter.”"

I can’t tell you if this was the entire conversation between Junior Galette and Yellin.  We need a more definitive answer, because technically, he doesn’t have Twitter, and either does his girlfriend.  Both accounts no longer exist, so he’s not lying there.

Regardless, hopefully the air can be cleared, and the organization and its fans can move on from the entire situation.  New storylines are on the horizon as the Junior Galette-less Saints are set to kick off training camp Wednesday at The Greenbrier resort in West Virginia.

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