Sean Payton sends strong message by parting ways with Junior Galette


If you thought you were safe on the New Orleans Saints roster and had any sense of entitlement before, then you’re attitude changed drastically after yesterday’s events. Coach Sean Payton and the front office sent the strongest message possible on Friday when they elected to release Junior Galette.

The news, while somewhat shocking, is something that has long been in the making. When did this all start? Let’s look at the timeline dating back to December

  • 12/4/14 – Galette speaks out on his teammates, disrespecting departed veterans
  • 1/5/15 – Galette arrested and booked on charges of domestic abuse battery
  • 1/10/15 – Galette deletes his Twitter account
  • 1/12/15 – Terrance Banks caught with possession of three bags of marijuana in Galette’s car
  • 2/19/15 – Charge of domestic violence charge dismissed
  • 6/4/15 – Injury news of Galette having a torn pectoral muscle
  • 6/17/15 – Galette issues apology to New Orleans Saints fans, organization; says will meet with Roger Goodell
  • 6/20/15 – Video emerges again of alleged beach incident; Galette gets off Instagram
  • 6/22/15 – Video emerges from Galette’s Snapchat of him being wheeled around in a hospital bed

After the release, Galette spoke to the Times-Picayune, and it’s clear he still doesn’t get it.

"“Who else do they have? You tell me, who else do they have?” he said."

It didn’t stop there, as Junior Galette found the need to voice his opinion on SnapChat.

"They say don’t let business get personal. F*** it."

Galette then said what’s up to Atlanta (Falcons), Carolina (Panthers), and Tampa Bay (Buccaneers)

His blatant immaturity on the whole situation is evident.

Sean Payton makes the ultimate decisions, according to Junior Galette. That’s how it should be. After a horrid season, change was needed. Payton had to assess himself, and clearly knew what was missing.

While the move is likely to meet head on criticism and praise at the same time, the fact remains that the team washed their hands of a player who was clearly a growing cancer in the organization. Payton has continuously preached on the importance of injecting the right mixture of talent in the locker room, and that includes gaining players of character, discipline, and accountability.

In a nutshell, Sean Payton makes it clear. No matter how good you are on paper or how much you make, you’re expendable.

The salary cap implications seem harsh on the surface, as the team loses out on $12.1 million in dead money. That figure could be rolled into 2016, but at best the Saints will be charged $5.45 million for this year’s salary cap. No official move has been announced, but could come as early as Monday. No matter how you slice it, the team will have to pay for an apparent mistake over the next two seasons.

The outpour of support from former players, fans, and the media is in favor of the move.

Galette will most likely latch on to another team after passing his physical, but team’s will be wise to pay close attention to disciplinary action from Roger Goodell.

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