Kyle Wilson: It’s do or die for the Saints’ new cornerback at training camp


Nobody said making the final cut would be easy.  The New Orleans Saints‘ 53-man roster will be trimmed downed in favor of the best of the best.  That’s head coach Sean Payton‘s game — he will choose wisely when training camp comes to a close.  For cornerback Kyle Wilson, one of the Saints’ free agent acquisitions this offseason, it’s do or die.

After an atrocious 2014, New Orleans’ defense should be seeing somewhat of an improvement, especially in the secondary following a grab at veteran corner Brandon Browner, the Delvin Breaux signing and a couple of draft picks in P.J. Williams and Damian Swann.  Of course, cutting ties with Patrick Robinson and Corey White needed to happen, and it did.

But some seem to forget about Kyle Wilson, a former first-round pick by the New York Jets in 2010.  For a very short time, Wilson was once the favorite to win the nickel back job in the Big Easy.  That was until Williams and Swann came into play.  Now, Wilson seems to be the forgotten one, and for good reason.

Since joining the NFL as a top defensive back prospect, the Boise State standout never panned out.  Kyle Wilson would struggle mightily under Rex Ryan in the Big Apple.  However, like former Saints’ CB Patrick Robinson, Wilson would see some improvement after he was thrown into the slot, but that’s in the past.  We’re now in the present, and so far, not so good for the former Jet.

“The key is to get your best players on the field,” Sean Payton said in a press conference after a struggling Kyle Wilson was replaced by Delvin Breaux, a former CFL standout with no prior NFL experience who took almost all of his snaps with the first team during minicamp in June.

Of course, things will be a bit different once the pads are thrown on.  As long as health isn’t an issue, Keenan Lewis and Brandon Browner are locks.  After the dangerous duo, New Orleans is home to seven more corners who will all be granted an opportunity.  For Wilson, who will now be fighting just to earn a spot on the final roster, it’s time to overcome those struggles, or he will be left in the dust by a hungrier pack of wolves.

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